“Aimlessly travel until you no longer know where you are; that is where you will find yourself”


WanderUntilLost.com focuses on an alternative side of travel.  Some would say it is a darker side, and they wouldn’t be wrong.  After all, most of the articles are written about the curious, the bizarre, the haunted, and even the forgotten places around the planet.  So yes,  it is a darker side of travel, but I also believe that it is a side just as beautiful as long white beaches, waterfalls, and gardens in Paris.  After all, what would the day be without the night?  And what would the positive be without the negative?

So go out and explore every part of everything.  Never stop learning.  Never settle down.  Wander until you are lost.


Wander Until Lost Origins

Here is the very personal story of how Wander Until Lost came to be.

Wander Until Lost is an idea I came up with a good while back during some of my darker days.  Back then I honestly thought that I was doing well in life, and that I was just doing what everyone else was.

But I was missing something, and I knew it.

I ended up finding myself FAR too consumed with the unimportant things in life such as TV, internet, video games, alcohol, and small town drama.  I knew I was missing out on SOMETHING and was just filling a void I felt with anything I could.  But it couldn’t be that bad could it?  I mean everyone else was doing basically the same thing.

It wasn’t until 2013 that I realized how much I needed to escape.  I, at 18 years old, booked a Greyhound bus ticket from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, to Calgary, Alberta.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I needed out of the small town and daily routine I was living.  I saved up as much money as I could in a month, started a travel blog that can be found at http://devincheskethtraveler.blogspot.ca/, and bought everything a backpacker could possibly need.  I was excited to say the least.  New energy filled me, and I could not wait to step foot on that bus.

My first trip took me to Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria.  Made it from central Canada to the west coast.  Along the way, I was able to explore cities, paint murals on high rises, be a swamper for a trucker, and meet family I haven’t seen since I was very young.  It was a very satisfying journey, and that’s when I realized I was hooked.  I loved to travel.  I loved to go exploring and go new places!  

Since this first trip, I haven’t stopped exploring the places around me and have been making plans for international travel!  


Why Lost?

Wander Until Lost is much more than your typical travel blog.  It has a recurring theme of “lost” that is very much two-fold and demands attention.

1  Lost Places.  The curious, the forgotten, the odd, and the abandoned.  I focus on the lost places, because they are interesting!  Not many people write about the places I do, and they are my favorites.  Who wouldn’t want to read about an overnight stay in an abandoned hotel, or a wax museum in Europe, or the basement of a church that is purportedly haunted?  Those are the places that interest me and get the gears of my mind turning!

2  Becoming Lost. In a world dominated by television, social media, and pop culture,  escape and “becoming lost” is never a bad thing.  The major aim of Wander Until Lost is to help you escape your daily life and see things you haven’t before!  However, I don’t want this blog to only be informative and interesting to read.  I also desire for it to be motivating for people that want to escape their everyday lives and “get  lost” on their own!

When we become lost, we can really see who we are and what we believe.  We can think about a deeper side of life, and connect with our minds more clearly.  Personally, some of my favorite moments are when I am lost.  I can be alone with my God and my thoughts, and there is not anything more peaceful or enjoyable than that.

Where have I been?


I have traveled most of western Canada, either while young with my family, or when I did a backpacking tour of it on my own in 2013.  I have also traveled much of the United States of America, and would love to see the rest of it.  North America is the only continent I have been in so far, but I have big plans for international travel starting this year.



What goals does Wander Until Lost have?

I have many goals for Wander Until Lost.  I would ultimately like to see the blog to become an authority in alternative travel.  I would like it to be a site people go to when they are on the road and want to have unique experiences.  Of course, this will all be in the distant future after I have traveled much more myself.

I would like to see my work influence other people to start traveling themselves.  I would like to help people chase their own dreams and goals.  I would also like to encourage them to look for the right answers to life’s biggest questions, and to think for themselves, instead of just following the rest of the world in “the norm”.

I suppose in the end, what I want the most for Wander Until Lost, is just to make a difference.


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