Want to Know a Great Exploring Secret?

I crave exploring.  I crave going on adventures. I crave trying and seeing new things.  I crave losing myself out in the middle of nowhere just to be alone.

If you are anything like me, you have probably experienced cravings like these before.  There is something addicting about doing something different, whether it’s dog sledding in the Rockies, lying on a beach in the Gulf, or exploring old museums in Europe.  Those are all memories that will last a lifetime, and once you start doing different things like this, you won’t want to stop.

Sometimes, however, we have a hard time actually going and doing interesting things like this because we make excuses about the prices, the time off work, or often the distance from home.  We do this a lot of the time because we forget one of the most important things we could ever remember about exploring.

Let me remind you of the great exploring secret.

You can explore and have great adventures regardless of where you are, or what your situation is.

Not the secret you were expecting?  Well it’s not very emphatic, but it is something that we often forget.  For some reason we forget that there are people that live overseas that would love to get the chance to come explore where we live, just like we love to explore their home.

Take advice from someone that lives in Manitoba, one of the most “boring” Canadian provinces, you can find new and exciting things all around you regardless of where you live.  Even if you are just doing something simple like a day of photography and driving the countryside like I did last weekend, there is always something different you can do that gets your adventurous blood flowing.  Be creative!

Here is a few of the interesting photos I took from my local photography trip:


Creepy Door in Gladstone, MB



Cool Icicle Patterns in Olanole, MB



Rural Orthodox Church, MB



There are always interesting sites to see and things to do regardless of where you live!  You just need to find them!  Special thanks to Nicole Schroeder for the great company.

So here is your call to action!  Go out and find out what treasures lie in your community, countryside, or wilderness.  Do some research and see what kind of places you haven’t been to before.  It might be the breath of fresh air you have been looking for.  There is always beauty around you and adventures to be had, so go find them!  That’s the best exploring secret of all.

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