Wander Until Lost Blog Update!


“The more I tried the more I failed, for I chose to work harder, rather than smarter.”

This is a general blog news update. I don’t plan to post these often, but as WanderUntilLost.com is still on it’s baby steps to success, I would like to share a few plans and changes I am making now, as well as in the near future.

I plan on running WanderUntilLost.com for a very long time.  I plan on using it to my advantage as a career, and I also plan to have a massive following of people that LOVE to read what I have to say. But….

…Why in the world would anyone even think of reading my writing?  Really, what would make me SO cocky to think I can simply go somewhere, write about it, and have hundreds of thousands of people not only read it, but share it with their friends?

The truth is,

I can’t.

As much of a dream job as that would be, there is much more to the travel blogging industry, and this is something that a have been learning ever since I started writing.

To be completely blunt, there are already hundreds of thousands of other travel bloggers that do this.  I am not going to go anywhere in this business if I continue on in the direction I am, because all my articles will just gather dust like the potentially millions of others that are just like them out there.

I am a good travel blogger.  I don’t want to be good.  I want to be among the best.

So, In an attempt to rid myself of terrible notion that I am going to be just another washed up blogger with a few thousand followers, I am making some changes to the way I run this site.  These are some of the main parts of the blog update.


1. WanderUntilLost.com’s Niche.  There are far too many “general” travel bloggers that just enjoy writing stories about anywhere and anything.  Of course, while there is nothing particularly wrong with this, I cannot follow their example for the simple reason that my blog would fail to stand apart from them.  This is why I have recently chosen a niche for wanderuntillost.com.

If you click on this site’s home page you will see the title “Exploring the Curious and Forgotten Parts of the Globe” as I am now concentrating on pushing this blog’s content in the direction of strange places, unique places, haunted places, abandoned places, as well as nostalgic places.

2. Article Quality Over Quantity.  I plan to only post one article per week from hereon out, every Wednesday morning at 9:30 am.  This new scheduling will allow me extra time to do background research, rewrite the post several times, come up with stimulating and controversial topics, as well as offering my readers GREAT content instead of good content.  In addition to this, followers will feel less overwhelmed, and will hopefully look forward to each week’s article.

3. DCH Design Studio.  I plan to run my online entrepreneurship to help support Wander Until Lost’s expenses, as well as my personal living expenses.

DCH Design Studio and can be found at dchdesignstudio.com.  The site has been freshly updated with fun graphics, information on pricing, and a full portfolio.  Graphic design is a set of skills that I have been using over the last 10 years both professionally and personally.  However, it was not until just recently that I considered making DCH Design Studio a real part of my traveling future.  It is a career I can bring with me and advertise in literally ANY part of the world!  As this will be one of my main sources of income, it is very important that I have it well advertised in the near future.  Obviously, this means that I will need to spend a lot of time promoting, and would love help getting the word out.

4. Fellow Travel Blogger Interactions.  Also on my agenda for both the near and distant future is a lot of collaboration projects and guest posting.  If you are a writer, check  out!thisTravel blogging is a community more than anything, and although it is ultimately my goal to stand out among the masses, I would love to guest post on other traveler’s blogs, and work together on collaboration projects.


In closing, I would like to thank each and every one of my readers for their continued support!  This blog update will very shortly tie everything together, and I can promise you, it is going to be a wild and crazy adventure following WanderUntilLost.com.  I hope you are as ready as I am!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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