Vernon Towne Theatre and Its Ghosts

Vernon Towne Theatre and Its Ghostfoots

This location is the only place that has actually scared me to the point of almost having to leave the building…

I was not looking or even expecting to experience anything paranormal

while I tried to kill some time in Vernon, BC. I had been researching allegedly haunted places in the area for a few days prior to visiting the Towne Cinema Theatre.

vernon towne theatre
As I walked into the building,

nothing felt odd or different at first. I approached the ticket counter, and was met by the manager.

After a tad of convincing, he began to tell me about the ghost stories that he had personally experienced, as well as several of his staff members. At first, I assumed that he may have been exaggerating the facts, or even making them up for publicity.
Stories consisted of all sorts of things, such as sleeping over due to a snowstorm and being awoken yet unable to move, mysterious bare footprints that would appear on freshly washed floors, a woman that had dropped dead for no apparent reason, and loud footsteps thumping up the stairs.

vernon towne theatre

You could tell that the manager had told all of his stories hundreds of times before, and was as if he was telling them from memory.  There were obviously tons of tourists, ghost hunters, and others who visit on a daily basis, and I am certain he finds himself telling them more often, all the time.

vernon towne theatre
As he continued to talk, I felt myself go into a sort of odd mindset,

as if I was viewing myself and how I was acting, which was very strange. I was suddenly aware of this sort of heaviness in the air, and my heart started to pound quickly. This was VERY unusual for me as I rarely have panic attacks or suffer from anxiety, and what went from a cheerful afternoon was suddenly horrifying. I felt my face go pale, and as I stood there listening, I suddenly decided to thank him for his time and excused myself to go take photos of the outside. He interrupted, and as I felt my heart about to explode, he invited me to go see a photo of the original owner who he believes haunts the building.

vernon towne theatre
I followed him, and as I stepped away from the ticket counter, my heart suddenly calmed, and the color came back to my face.
As crazy and unusual as this story sounds, I can only write exactly what I experienced and allow you to decide for yourself what to make of it.

The presence of some sort of spirit or ghost is often felt by the racing of a heartbeat or a general “bad vibe”.  I experienced both very strongly.

vernon towne theatre
The original owner was known by many as “Vernon’s meanest son-of-a-*****”,

as he was infamous for walking up and down the aisles of the Vernon Towne Theatre with a strap and whipping those who did not behave, or even booting them out the back door of the building.

vernon towne theatre
We continued on a brief tour of the building,

where I was able to see the offices, projection room, and some storage areas. Other than a continual gloom or heaviness in the air, there was nothing overly odd experienced from this point on. There was a wall where all the previous staff had written their names however, which gave the upstairs a creepy sort of feel.

vernon towne theatre

vernon towne theatre

vernon towne theatre
Although I didn’t visually see anything supernatural here,

this is the closest I have ever felt to a supernatural sort of presence and as odd and horrifying as it was, it does make for a great story that I will remember for the rest of my life. Ladies and gentlemen, the Vernon Towne Theatre!

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