Travel Now? 3 Reasons Why You Should

Why now travel now?  Maybe it’s just me, but haven’t you ever gotten bored with everyday life? You know, the norm, the grind, the schedule, or whatever you have decided to call it? Don’t you ever feel like just breaking away and on a very random note just getting into a vehicle and driving away to an unknown destination? Or maybe, you have thought about booking a flight overseas and just flying there next day for no other reason than just doing it?

But then, of course, you shove the thought aside because it sounds crazy. If that’s not your excuse, then its probably because you have some responsibilities that need to be taken care of. If its not that excuse, then its probably because you cannot afford to travel now.

Let me tell you this.

It is not crazy, responsibilities can be put on hold or dealt with, and traveling is not necessarily expensive.

Unless you have a family to support or obligations there is literally no escaping from, NOW is the time for you to go see the world for yourself. Let me give you 3 good reasons why…

1. If you don’t leave now, chances are you never will

This especially applies to younger readers with fewer responsibilities. If you don’t get up and go now, you will just keep putting it off, waiting for the perfect timing, but the timing never comes. Life doesn’t usually work in your favour, as much as you would like it to.

Think about it though. If you want to go places, then go places. And do it now! What better time to do something you want, than to do it right now?

Go! Go see it before it is too late. Stop putting it off and go follow your dreams.

2. The world is huge and filled with things you should see for yourself

You may belong to a country, a city, and a home, but when viewing the big picture, you can realize that you are most importantly part of the human race. You belong to this planet. How unfortunate would it be if you never got to see more than one small part of your huge home?

Here is an example.

It would be like never eating anything besides jello. You can see all the other foods, and maybe you have heard stories about different flavors and textures, but if you never take part of it for yourself, you have still never really eaten anything besides jello. Who would really want to spend their whole lives only eating jello?

Same thing goes for the world. If you never partake in other places, you can only dream of what they are actually like.

3. It will help you grow as an individual and as a member of this planet

Of course, the third, and maybe most important reason you should travel now, is because you are a member of society, and being more cultured and familiar with your planet is one of the most important things you can do. Seeing it for yourself is just so much more different than seeing news reports and viewing slideshows. It is experience, and it will make you a better, happier, more contributing member of society than you were before.

So pack your bags, because you have an adventure to go on. To view a list of the top 10 things you should bring backpacking, click here…

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