The Banff Merman

The Banff Mermanfoot

The debacle sits in the back of the Indian Trading Post in a glass case, dramatically reaching its arm out for new life!

banff merman

When I first read about this horrible mess of a curio,

I was intrigued as much as I was horrified.  The merman was very obviously a fake rendition of a mythological creature, but who in their right mind would make such a thing?  What was it made out of?

banff merman

Upon arriving at the Indian Trading Post in Banff, AB,

I stepped inside and glanced around the interior of the building, trying to spy the infamous “merman”.  There were all sorts of animal heads, aboriginal artworks, leather crafts, and other touristy wares that covered the shelving and walls, but it wasn’t until I reached the back corner of the building that I seen the glass case.

banff merman

As I got closer,

I noticed that the merman was a lot smaller than what I had pictured, yet it looked identical to the pictures I had seen.

banff merman

It appeared to be the carcass of a monkey that had been attached to a set of webbed hands, and permanently sealed inside of the back end of a mackerel.  The creature was horrendous.

banff merman

Although the origin is unknown,

there are rumors that the Merman was ordered from Java by Norman Luxton, a pioneer and showman that unveiled the creature in 1915.

Regardless of the origin, the Banff merman was very curious! It is definitely a “must stop” for tourists, young and old alike.

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