The Mysteries of the Manitoba Legislature

“I approached the massive, neoclassical building.  The Manitoba Legislature.  Could I even call it a building?  It was huge and looked more like a temple than anything else.  It was both beautiful and mysterious.  Without a doubt this was one of the most amazing architectural masterpieces in the country.” This article is for the Dan Brown fans;[…]

Secret Door in “Blind Tiger” Coffee Shop!

“One would have sworn the Blind Tiger was just a tiny coffee shop below an apartment building, but further investigation would show that there was a lot more to it than that!  After all, why was the place SO small?  Where did they keep all their coffee beans and other supplies?  Hmmmm….”   The Blind Tiger Coffee Co.[…]

The Ruins of St. Norbert’s Trappist Monastery

“As soon as I stepped out of my vehicle, I felt the peace and love of a past, simple people flowing through the air. All I could imagine was the dozens of similarly dressed monks and nuns roaming the halls of this ruined site.  It was not only beautiful, but sad, to see such a beautiful place built on[…]

Paranormal “Hanging Tree” in Little Mountain Park, Winnipeg

  On the northern boundary of Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg, MB, stands a massive cottonwood tree, infamous for paranormal sightings.  Between the twisted branches and the worn bark, this is a haunt that does not disappoint.  Stories about the Ku Klux Klan using the tree for hangings are ever popular urban myths that are[…]