Basic Instagram Editing

Basic Instagram Editing “Lighting, Colour, Definition”     Instagram is quickly becoming a standard for displaying photography, whether it is personal or professional.  Everyone seems to be connected through it, and hashtags are displayed everywhere. Businesses advertise through it, girls boast model-like photos, and travel photographers (like myself) try to shine through the multitude of others[…]

Making the Most of Your Smartphone Camera

Making the Most of Your Smartphone Camera “A picture is worthy of a thousand words” I often get asked what kind of camera I shoot with because my pictures turn out so clearly.  People are SHOCKED when I tell them that the photo they asked about was taken on my smartphone. In fact, all the[…]

Want to Know a Great Exploring Secret?

I crave exploring.  I crave going on adventures. I crave trying and seeing new things.  I crave losing myself out in the middle of nowhere just to be alone. If you are anything like me, you have probably experienced cravings like these before.  There is something addicting about doing something different, whether it’s dog sledding[…]

Is Mallard Lodge Haunted? Delta, MB

Set on the far west side of Delta beach, just past the Portage diversion (98°23’W, 50°11’N) is a building called Mallard Lodge that is infamously known for being haunted. The building is also know as the Delta Marsh Field Station. The story goes that the Mallard Lodge building was erected in 1932 on the property[…]