Vernon Towne Theatre and Its Ghosts

Vernon Towne Theatre and Its Ghosts This location is the only place that has actually scared me to the point of almost having to leave the building… I was not looking or even expecting to experience anything paranormal while I tried to kill some time in Vernon, BC. I had been researching allegedly haunted places[…]

Ghostly Laughter of Children, La Barriere Park

Ghostly Laughter of Children, La Barriere Park “An unearthly gust of wind rushed past me curiously on my left side, almost as if an invisible spectre had swooshed by me, leaving nothing but chills down my spine.” La Barriere Park is a 323 acre park that encompasses a portion of the La Salle River.  It[…]

Paranormal “Hanging Tree” in Little Mountain Park, Winnipeg

  On the northern boundary of Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg, MB, stands a massive cottonwood tree, infamous for paranormal sightings.  Between the twisted branches and the worn bark, this is a haunt that does not disappoint.  Stories about the Ku Klux Klan using the tree for hangings are ever popular urban myths that are[…]

(VIDEO) Paranormal Activity at Mallard Lodge? Delta, MB

This is the second part of an article on Mallard Lodge located on Delta Beach, MB, CAN. The first post can be read here, as it contains the history of the building and stories behind the hauntings and paranormal activity. For this part of the story, me and three friends took a nighttime hike to the[…]

Is Mallard Lodge Haunted? Delta, MB

Set on the far west side of Delta beach, just past the Portage diversion (98°23’W, 50°11’N) is a building called Mallard Lodge that is infamously known for being haunted. The building is also know as the Delta Marsh Field Station. The story goes that the Mallard Lodge building was erected in 1932 on the property[…]