Hiking the Othello Tunnels

Hiking the Othello Tunnels “The three tunnels cut through the thick granite of the Coquihalla Canyon and all lined up perfectly straight.” Originally used as a train route in the 1900s by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Othello Tunnels have become an amazing part of the Coquihalla Canyon near Hope, BC. The trail is approximately[…]

Dangerous and Abandoned Blue Hawk Mine

Dangerous and Abandoned Blue Hawk Mine   The Blue Hawk Mine is an obscure and abandoned mine gold and silver mine that can be found on eastern slope of Blue Grouse mountain near Kelowna, BC. Work on the site began in the 1930s, and extended just later than 1986. The mineshaft itself goes approximately 300[…]

Touring the Saltwater City, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC. The Saltwater City. Other than Toronto, this oceanside city is the most multicultural in all of Canada. It’s been said that if you haven’t seen it before, you probably can in Vancouver. There is so much to do and see in this huge metropolis, you could never see it all. There are hundreds[…]