Manitoba has Cliffs and Caves? Steep Rock Does.

Manitoba has Cliffs and Caves? Steep Rock Does.foot

“Geologists have a saying – rocks remember. ” -Neil Armstrong

Steep Rock, Manitoba, is located approximately 2.5 hrs north of Winnipeg, on the east shore of Lake Manitoba.

Who knew that there was such an amazing place in Manitoba?

Famous for its unique limestone rock formations, the small hamlet of Steep Rock is often visited by many tourists during the hot summer months, as it offers a beautiful beach with scenery that is truly unique in Manitoba.

The drive to Steep Rock was gorgeous. I could clearly see the scenery around me slowly change the farther I traveled up the Number 6 Highway. The plains turned to marsh, and there were many more treed areas.  After turning off of the highway, I followed the road west to beach. It was much more treacherous than I originally thought, and giant potholes almost ruined me a few times.  Eventually, I came upon the hamlet of Steep Rock.


I was surprised at first not to see more rocks or cliffs.

All the surrounding area of the beach was just marshy and flat, and I assumed much of the surrounding landscape would be geographically similar to the pictures I had seen in photos. It wasn’t until I got close to the water that the cliffs came into view.

I cruised the car around a few bends and followed signs that directed me to a parking lot where I gathered my camera equipment and set off. As I approached the beach, the cliffs came into better view and I was instantly astounded at how they jutted out of the ground.




The cliffs were breathtaking and even somewhat curious and out of place.

Manitoba is ordinarily very flat and mundane. This drastic difference in scenery was so suddenly that it almost makes you feel like you have traveled to a different province.

steep rock

A sign on the trail serves as a warning to offroad vehicles and bikers.

The cliffs were all roughly the same height, between 9 and 15 feet, and were marked with water lines near the bottom where the water had risen and fallen.


steep rock

This is a wide angle shot capturing some of some of the cliffs.


Many of these formations had odd shapes, as some were rounded, some stood as singular pillars, and some were pointed and sharp. They were quite fun to climb (or attempt to climb) and of course were great for some interesting photo opportunities.


steep rock

These were some of the more rounded cliffs.


steep rock

My friend Derrick decided he could climb the rock known as “Steep Rock”.


One of the even more interesting features of the cliffs in Steep Rock were the deep crevices and shallow caves that could be found in them.

I had to keep a tight grip on my smartphone and camera around the crevices, because had I dropped either, they would be gone forever.

Although the caves were not all that deep, they still made for great exploring. Most of them looked more like dugouts than anything, but there were several that you could slightly make your way inside of.


steep rock



steep rock

Many of these crevices went down very far!


steep rock

The caves were not very deep, but they were awesome to see.


steep rock

There were several of the caves that I could fit into.


The water in this area was very green from the algae that grew on the rocks in the water. It was gorgeous, but walking over the slimy rocks could easily land you on your butt in the water. They were very slippery and I nearly took a couple wipeouts myself!

Hanging your feet off the edge of the cliffs over the water was very relaxing and made for a peaceful experience.


steep rock

The water was almost eerily green in some areas.


The erosion on the lower ground rock had made it a warbled bumpy surface to walk on that almost looked like molten lava in a way. It was smooth and flat in contrast to the many sharp edges of the cliffs.


steep rock

Natural erosion had smoothed the surfaces of the rocks a lot.


Of course the cliffs, caves, and crevices were not the only interesting things found at this beach.

Among other sights I seen were washed up, dead fish; purple flowers growing through the cracks in the rocks; and the some pretty vicious looking fish flies. The fish flies were terrible things that would land on your skin and stay there until you swiped them off.


steep rock

This dead fish had been here a while.


steep rock

These purple flowers were growing up through many of the cracks in the rocks.


steep rock

Fish flies were everywhere at Steep Rock.


All in all, Steep Rock Beach was a great experience.

It was a wonderful, odd place to spend some summer fun time. There are many amenities at the beach including canoe rentals, snack shacks, cabin rentals, and much more there that really constitutes to the enjoyable experiences many people have had at this beach including myself.  Pack your bags and grab your picnic baskets, because summertime is calling!

steep rock

Hang loose!

Special thanks goes out to Dawa, Derrick, and Rachelle for accompanying me and helping me with this article.

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