Paranormal “Hanging Tree” in Little Mountain Park, Winnipeg

paranormal hanging tree


On the northern boundary of Little Mountain Park in Winnipeg, MB, stands a massive cottonwood tree, infamous for paranormal sightings.  Between the twisted branches and the worn bark, this is a haunt that does not disappoint.  Stories about the Ku Klux Klan using the tree for hangings are ever popular urban myths that are still talked about today.

Most people think of the KKK as an extremist racial cleansing group in the USA, however many people do not know that they were also quite prominent in Canada as well. Surprisingly enough, less than a hundred years ago the KKK claimed to have a membership of over 70,000 during their western expansion.  Stories of this group expand from coast to coast, and almost every province has its own unique set of tales.

In Manitoba, although the KKK actions here were not nearly as extreme or recurring as some of the other provinces, you can still find a lot of information about the group.  Such history would include the razing of the college at St. Boniface as well as much other destruction of properties.

Of course one of the most infamous stories about the Klan in Manitoba is of the paranormal “Hanging Tree” in Little Mountain Park, Winnipeg.  There is literally NO historic evidence to back up the claims of it being used as a lynching point, however the urban legends of genocide hangings from this tree have been talked about for years and years.  I would leave it up to you to decide for yourself if the tree was used that way historically, but I have no doubt that it is a hot spot for paranormal activity.

It was a few years ago that several good friends had told me the story about their trip to the “Hanging Tree”, and I had never really followed up on their story until I was reminded of it a few weeks ago.

Just after sending this video of the tree Kylie Sing said,

“It is scary though…. We had a hard time finding the tree until we turned down the road and as soon as we did I said to Troy “we’re here .. I know it. The atmosphere just changed and my stomach just dropped.. “.  It’s like your chest feels heavier and you just feel other presences there with you as soon as you get on the road and close to the tree.. I wouldn’t get out of the car.”

Troy Flamand, the one in the video said, “…the moment the headlights came up to it we just got a chill that made the hairs on our necks stand up.”

After hearing this, I of course had to go see the tree for myself.

After finally finding Little Mountain Park, which is on the northern perimeter of Winnipeg, I drove with several friends who were also curious about the tree.  We turned off all the music in the car, and drove around the park hoping to just “know” when we were close.  My sixth sense did definitely not disappoint, because as we got deeper into the park, I could feel my chest getting heavy and my head slightly cloudy.  That was when we seen it.  The towering cottonwood stood along a wire and post fence line, and stood taller than all the other trees around it.

paranormal tree

It was a sight to see.  It looked perfectly proportioned.  There was definitely a dark feeling about the tree and all those that were with me agreed.  After getting out and shining my flashlight at the tree it was very clearly seen that there was a branch that had all the bark worn off.  Could it possibly have been where the KKK hung their ropes?

hanging tree

We did not see any paranormal activity while there, but to be there and imagining all of the things that could have happened at that tree was worth the trip.  Losing myself for just a few moments in this potential piece of dark history was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend going to visit the paranormal hanging tree.

Special thanks to Kylie, Troy, Abby, Shayne, and Stevey for their help on this post.

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