Is Mallard Lodge Haunted? Delta, MB

Set on the far west side of Delta beach, just past the Portage diversion (98°23’W, 50°11’N) is a building called Mallard Lodge that is infamously known for being haunted. The building is also know as the Delta Marsh Field Station.


The story goes that the Mallard Lodge building was erected in 1932 on the property of Donald H. Bain, a successful athlete and businessman. During the construction, one of the workers fell into the foundation and died. Since the unfortunate accident, apparitional footsteps have been heard and he has been seen in the windows of the station in winter while the facility is closed. Lights also turn on and off seemingly by themselves.

However, this is not the only tragic accident to take place at this location. A former groundskeeper who committed suicide in one of the upstairs rooms is seen often in the building and wandering the areas surrounding.

Source, Jason Bohpa, says that when he and several friends visited Mallard Lodge around midnight they began “to stare at the same window on top floor.. and (they) all had this gut feeling that (they) should leave…” Jason continued after saying that he “still find(s) it weird how there was a strange attraction to that window as soon as the car lights shone on it”


This caretaker’s ghost has also been known to ring doorbells when nobody is near them.

Of course after researching this great haunt I needed to see it for myself. I drove up towards the site and took a short half hour trek through the mud to get to the said location.


Upon arrival, I definitely noticed a very calm, quiet, and even dead vibe from the place. Surrounded by bare trees and deep snow, the place looked untouched for months until me and a friend got closer.


The rustic wooden design was covered completely in cobwebs and dead insects, and in the front of the building was a hand carved sign  and a vintage lampost that hung out over the door.


The front entrance had definitely been a victim of vandalism as the door frame was split and renailed back together. Many of the windows had been smashed and were covered with boards.


Rather than getting potentially charged with breaking and entering, I decided it would be best if we took pictures from the outside windows instead of repopping the door.


Although we never seen any actual paranormal activity, I definitely got the feeling it was a good sight to see some action at night. Maybe a midnight trip would yield better results? Regardless, there was still alot to look at and appreciate, such as the vintage door locks and a cross chopped into a stump outside the front entryway.


After leaving it was definitely decided that a nighttime trip was in order. Make sure to stay posted for a followup overnight video trip where I will try to capture something a little more validating than good stories and creepy vibes.
The Mallard lodge is definitely a worthwhile visit, and I highly recommend checking it out even for pure historic value.
I would also like to give a special thanks to Amanda Burwell for helping with pictures and keeping me company while investigating this haunt.

See the nighttime video footage we shot at this location!

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