Ghostly Laughter of Children, La Barriere Park

Ghostly Laughter of Children, La Barriere Parkfoot

“An unearthly gust of wind rushed past me curiously on my left side, almost as if an invisible spectre had swooshed by me, leaving nothing but chills down my spine.”

La Barriere Park is a 323 acre park that encompasses a portion of the La Salle River.  It is a very short drive south of Winnipeg, MB, and is open year round. Of course it is stunningly beautiful, filled with vibrant greens and browns in the summer, and makes for an amazing photography location year round.

During the summer months you will find families and friends playing sports in the fields, biking down trails, leisurely walking, and even horseback riding.  During the winter months La Barriere is a perfect spot for snowy photos, and great for snowshoeing.

la barriere park

Photo shot from the ground

However, despite the beauty of this park, it also holds many myths and mysteries that have never been explained.

It is not uncommon for trail walkers to feel a ghostly swoosh of air rush past them, even on the calmest of days.

One visitor described her story like this,  “I felt the swooshing of someone running past me. I thought it odd, and was instantly afraid because of us being alone in a treed area, with no wind.” (quote)

There is also legend of hearing phantom voices such as two girls talking.

Perhaps most famous of the legends surrounding La Barriere Park is that of ghostly laughter of children off in the distance.

la barriere park

The bridge stood out in bright red.

Of course, after having heard of this mysterious haunt, I decided to go see what I could find for myself.

 So, on a cool day where the overcast skies spit tiny raindrops, I set off on an adventure.

I parked in the public parking lot and grabbed my GoPro camera from my backpack, and stepped out of the car.  I walked toward the trails and locked the vehicle from a distance.

The pathways were decently wide and covered with fine gravel rock.

As I came around a bend, I seen the LaSalle River and a beautiful bridge to cross over.  When combined with the clouds and drizzle, it made the perfect gloomy setting for a potential paranormal experience.  I definitely felt a sort of musky, overwhelming gloom in the air, almost as if I was lost in deep thought.

I came to the bridge, and slowly walked over it, enjoying the sight of massive amounts of water flowing under my feet.
On the other side, the trail became dirt over gravel, and narrowed into a more natural forest setting.  It followed along the river’s edge and had even smaller trails that branched off.

la barriere park

This would be the perfect spot to shoot winter portraits.

The heavy mindset I was in became even thicker as I observed trees, plants, and small critters all around me.

 It was a very odd feeling to be alone on a trail looking for something paranormal or strange.  It was almost as if I was watching myself look for something, or at least that’s how it played out in my head.

I followed the trail for a good 45 minutes, stopping here and there for a picture or two.

la barriere park

After the bridge, the trail narrowed and lost the gravel.


My mind kept drifting to the thought of being chased by someone along the trail, among other unsettling thoughts such as what I would do if I heard laughter in the distance or felt something brush past me.  The more I thought, the more I began to look through the trees.
la barriere park

Monochrome shot of the trees above me

Several times I felt eyes watching me from somewhere.

I stopped to listen for sounds that didn’t sound forest-like, but I didn’t hear or see anything abnormal.

About a full hour into the trek, I noticed the skies starting to darken in dusk and the wind picking up. The trees blew and creaked loudly in each others branches, and I decided to start walking back before I had gone too far.

Nothing overly exciting happened on the way back, other than a few gorgeous photo ops.

la barriere park

Termite eaten log

la barriere park

Certain plants seemed brighter than the rest.

Although I definitely wasn’t chased by spectres or terrorized by the laughter of ghostly children, it does feel like the perfect spot to experience such things.  There was definitely a gloom that hung over the park, and it was definitely more than the overcast skies.

La Barriere Park is a beautiful place to walk, jog, or bike, and is not really that well known by most people.

Its filled with all kinds of critters, flora, and over 6 km of twisty trails that you could explore all day if desired. The fresh smells of nature and the sound of rushing water adds to the creepily peaceful aura that this park gives off.

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