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Welcome! is a travel blog that focuses on the curious, the forgotten, the odd, and the abandoned.  I focus on these lost places, because they are interesting!  Not many people write about the places I do, and they are my favorites.  I am a firm believer that places like these are just as beautiful as the destinations that mainstream travel bloggers write about.  Are you ready to start on a grand adventure to the lost places around the world?


Navigating this site…

cursorNavigating is fairly basic.  All my articles are organized by category and by continent.  The menu at the top of the page contains both.  You should be able to find the information you are looking for there, but if by chance you need something really specific, all of the articles contain tags and keywords, so searching via the search boxes on the top or bottom of the page will assist you in finding what you are looking for.



Learn more about…

footTo learn more about how I started Wander Until Lost, what the name means, and what goals I have for it, follow this link.



Planning your own adventures…


Very shortly, I am going to be putting together a series of posts on the subject of planning your own trips, but until that starts, you can find posts filled with travel tips here.



Who is Devin Christopher Hesketh?

2-hiking-stickman-clip-art-at-vector-clip-artI am a nomadic digital graphic designer with 10+ years experience in the digital art field, and I have spent much of my life (so far) chasing the creative arts, as I am avid in photography, writing, general art, etc.

I am always inspired by traveling, and I know it’s my life’s calling. I was not made to stay in one place, and I plan to spend the remainder of my life traveling the world; discovering it’s secrets; and sharing myself, my experiences, and my beliefs with the world.

Getting a little more personal, I love connecting with people.  I am a Pisces, and probably put way too much stock in my horoscope.  I enjoy food from almost any ethnic group.  I plan to get a tattoo in every country I visit (best souvenirs ever).  I have worked in many different industries including restaurant, retail, mechanics, construction, and of course digital art.  I am also a Christian, and one of the many reasons I enjoy to travel so much is because I can see the amazing designs that a mighty God has created.

If you wish to get to know me on a more friendly basis, be sure to click on the social links on the left side of the screen!



How you can help support Wander Until Lost…


The biggest way you can help me is by showing your support by following my blog, and following me on social media. You can find links to all of these on the sidebar to the left, or at the very bottom of this page.

Sharing my posts and getting others excited in reading stories about this huge world and my adventures in it is HUGE SUPPORT. Knowing that what I am doing is helping others and making a difference is what I want, and seeing it happen is not only encouraging, it is magical.



Interested in a partnerships?

Are you interested in sharing one of your stories on this blog? pplMaybe you have a great travel product you are trying to market
and would like to advertise with me? Or maybe you are interested in joining in on an adventure and traveling with me temporarily?

No matter what the case is, Wander Until Lost is always looking to partner with others and find new ways to make this blog site more awesome. Make sure that if you are interested you send me an email or message so we can discuss possibilities.



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