Mount Boucherie, Hiking an Inactive Volcano

Mount Boucherie, Hiking an Inactive Volcano To imagine thick lava flows pouring down the surface of the mountain was nearly unbelievable. What kind of pressure could make rock so hot that it turned to liquid… Mount Boucherie is located on the west side of the Okanagan Lake, in West Kelowna, BC.  It stands only 1368 feet[…]

Hiking the Othello Tunnels

Hiking the Othello Tunnels “The three tunnels cut through the thick granite of the Coquihalla Canyon and all lined up perfectly straight.” Originally used as a train route in the 1900s by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Othello Tunnels have become an amazing part of the Coquihalla Canyon near Hope, BC. The trail is approximately[…]

Manitoba has Cliffs and Caves? Steep Rock Does.

Manitoba has Cliffs and Caves? Steep Rock Does. “Geologists have a saying – rocks remember. ” -Neil Armstrong Steep Rock, Manitoba, is located approximately 2.5 hrs north of Winnipeg, on the east shore of Lake Manitoba. Who knew that there was such an amazing place in Manitoba? Famous for its unique limestone rock formations, the[…]

Narcisse Snake Dens, The Living Spaghetti

Narcisse Snake Dens, The Living Spaghetti   Quick Info Description: Narcisse Snake Dens is a world renowned spectacle, where tens of thousands of snakes  gather to mate each spring and fall, before and after hibernation. Location:  Narcisse is about an hour and a half north of Winnipeg, MB.  Click here to find it on Google  Maps. Cost:  Entry[…]

The Mysteries of the Manitoba Legislature

“I approached the massive, neoclassical building.  The Manitoba Legislature.  Could I even call it a building?  It was huge and looked more like a temple than anything else.  It was both beautiful and mysterious.  Without a doubt this was one of the most amazing architectural masterpieces in the country.” This article is for the Dan Brown fans;[…]

Secret Door in “Blind Tiger” Coffee Shop!

“One would have sworn the Blind Tiger was just a tiny coffee shop below an apartment building, but further investigation would show that there was a lot more to it than that!  After all, why was the place SO small?  Where did they keep all their coffee beans and other supplies?  Hmmmm….”   The Blind Tiger Coffee Co.[…]