Travel Now? 3 Reasons Why You Should

Why now travel now?  Maybe it’s just me, but haven’t you ever gotten bored with everyday life? You know, the norm, the grind, the schedule, or whatever you have decided to call it? Don’t you ever feel like just breaking away and on a very random note just getting into a vehicle and driving away[…]

Is Mallard Lodge Haunted? Delta, MB

Set on the far west side of Delta beach, just past the Portage diversion (98°23’W, 50°11’N) is a building called Mallard Lodge that is infamously known for being haunted. The building is also know as the Delta Marsh Field Station. The story goes that the Mallard Lodge building was erected in 1932 on the property[…]

Top 5 Travel Movies To Inspire Wanderlust

Top 5 travel movies eh? Looking for a good flick to throw on that will get your blood pumping while you check your Airmiles® to see how far away from home you can get? thought so… Personally these top 5 travel movies have inspired me (more than most) to travel. Something about them makes you[…]

Touring the Saltwater City, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC. The Saltwater City. Other than Toronto, this oceanside city is the most multicultural in all of Canada. It’s been said that if you haven’t seen it before, you probably can in Vancouver. There is so much to do and see in this huge metropolis, you could never see it all. There are hundreds[…]

Top 10 Backpacking Necessities for a Wanderer

Top 10 Backpacking Necessities for a Wanderer Backpacking is not always easy. It is always an adventure, but every adventure comes with price. There are no guarantees you will always (or even often) have a place to sleep, a place to clean up, or even food to eat. With all my experiences and a lot[…]

Travel Safely While in Foreign Countries

You have probably heard horror stories time and time again about traveling outside your country. Everything from being robbed in a dark alley to gang violence to rotting in a moldy foreign prison. These are all horrible experiences that nobody would want to deal with, but truth be known, traveling outside your country is really[…]